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Embrace The Chaos

Copyright © 2019 Atra Mors Publishing. All Rights Reserved

She fell from the stars

Wearing nothing but what her imagination provided

Drifting and floating amidst the chaos

With a smile ever in tune with her intentions

It is a canonical decree

Her soul thrown to the escapades to be ravaged or worshiped

A heavy heart is not what is leading her down into the unknown

Sunshine merriments await inside blackened rainbows and still clocks

Cold shadows blanket the warmth of an inviting embrace with arduous effort

Desire never a laconic tune to be hummed

Always the desideratum

A trademark endeavor no longer a privilege

Her fall turns to a glide

A motion she now controls

With any direction she faces an adventure to be had

As the grey skies from yesterday rumble in disarray.

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Embrace The Chaos
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