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A Poem

There, a melody flew ever so elegantly in the air

like the wind of sound.

Its silky tones entered my virginal ears

that were never penetrated by this musical genre before.

I had only seen a saxophone but never

heard its strange sound in reality's atmosphere.

I wondered, "What instruments are these?"

"What foreign tunes dare disobey the typical

sounds that enter my ears?"

I listened hesitantly to the voice of velvet and she, 

with closed eyes of passion,

released her work of art from her lungs and

captured both untamed and tamed jazz souls.

The voice brought a feeling never felt before.

It was cathartic. The kind of feelings that makes

you realized you're changing.

It's the kind that you listen to and can't get enough of.

Suddenly, the voice drifts off and the 

beat of the drum, 

the thud of the bass and the

fingers of the piano 

are left alone,

about to finish the song like a conversation and

it's then that you realize you've learned the

language of music.

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