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Education: A Forbidden Fruit

A Poem Exploring the Issue with the Structure of Our Education

We need to invest in our future

We need to take care of our youth

We need to foster their minds, mentally feed our youth

We have to complete our youth because we need our youth

We need to give them the ability to ponder

We need to meditate our youth

We need to stop setting limits

We constantly relegate our youth

Killing them with words

We’re so persistent, we always denigrate our youth

We speak of equal opportunity

So, why is it so hard to educate our youth?

Why is it that a poor family has to go broke just to get their kids through private school?

They can’t be promised that they’ll be better off just because they have better networking tools

Yet they’ll get lost in the sauce if they find themselves in a public school

Education is out there

Information is surplus

Yet people are constantly spoon fed bullshit news from tabloids

As if learning about the world and policy can hurt us

The system decided that an education is what’s needed for our youth

Which means that this education is paramount for our youth

So why is it that it seems like people have to move mountains for our youth

You can’t expect these inner-city kids to go anywhere with school when money runs the world and is seen as the ultimate tool

If money is the objective, why sit in a classroom when you can “make bread” selling drugs to your fellow youth

They don’t understand that time is money and that money is time, making it easy for them to be forgotten and just regarded as “those youth”

Education is life for our youth

It helps determine wrong from right for our youth

But there seems to be an educational blight before our youth

It seems as if this proclaimed “human right” for our youth

Is nothing more than a forbidden fruit for our youth.

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Education: A Forbidden Fruit
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