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Earth Worms of the Soul


“Our blood vessels,

Like mother 

Earth worms;

Pulsing and 


With each passing 

Of invisible 

Clear time.

For each time 

You so unfortunately 

Ahead on one

It will shatter into 

5 or more worm

Pieces ...but

It is never to fear.

Or worry because 

Those exact 5 pieces 

Of earth worm will


But like branches 

Of a cherry tree 

They will blossom 

To new life.

The destruction perceived 

Of one—whole, United 

Worm, will become 5 more.

For our darkest

Hours need not fear us

Or hold us.

We too are replenishing,

Rejuvenating, and

Bountiful souls.

Our blood vessels 

Like earth worms under 

The ground. 

So it’s ok to not understand the 


But know they will

Strengthen into 5 new 

Dimensions of your being.

Helping self; and helping 

Our Mother Earth.”

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Earth Worms of the Soul
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