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Duty and Honor

A Family's Musings

I watch the car pull away,

focusing my eyes on the shiny blue paint for as long as the road will allow.

A sense of longing overwhelms me.

What's out there for him?

What's there that's not here?

He leaves to seek adventure,

to take care of us from a distance,

to love us from afar,

to do what he knows is right.

I just want him safe, here with me.

Someone else can save the day.

Can't they?

But I know why he leaves. 

I understand.

So, I'll love him from a distance.

Waiting for him to come home

and tell me of his adventures.

Of the people he saved,

and the ones he couldn't.

Ever waiting.

Ever watching,

for that car to come back.

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Alina Gallupe
Alina Gallupe

I am a graduate student of Mental Health Counseling in Cambridge, MA. I strive to combine my mental health knowledge and my love of writing to explore all topics related to the human experience. I am also a dedicated cat mom and home cook.

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Duty and Honor
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