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Dreams of the Kid from the Block

Would I be right or wrong?

Waking up in the morning, I make the sign of the cross

Wonder which side to pick before the coin is tossed

Would I be right or wrong?

Would I achieve greatness if my life is long?

Would I afford to pay my bills?

Or would I be another kid who overdosed on pills?

I know institutionalised education is a necessity

But the human brain can do great things, other than chemistry

I see the skyscrapers, it gets my mind blown

Would I own one? Tomorrow is never known

I see the difference in time, the difference in class

I write every exam with the fear that I may never pass

What if I dropped out of school?

Would I be called a fool?

Would I be called a tool?

We are blind to tomorrow, for we never know about it

But I have a good brain so I will utilise it

I run away from the judgments of others

I try to hide who I am, so many layers underneath these covers

I am a little different from you

Do not throw stones at me because you sin differently too

Questioning if happiness lies in modesty or a quid

I am just another kid from the block trying to succeed

And if I ever fail, I will roll the dice again and make another bid

We win some and we lose some, life goes on, so may we proceed?

Pacho Poetry
Pacho Poetry

There is nothing more satisfying than finding joy in who we are and become. I am a glass half full and a work in progress. Poetry is my means of CATHARSIS and Music is my THERAPY#ToLoveAndBeLoved

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Dreams of the Kid from the Block
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