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Dreams and Visions


Flesh, Spirit, Soul.

In dreams and visions they come to me,

revealing things yet to be.

They reveal my origins and my task,

and ask for patience in study and research,

and not to go too fast.

Always knock,

ask and seek,

and never think you are alone,

for aloneness is for study,

research and writing,

but we are never far away they say,

and I trust.

They reveal long-forgotten secrets,

common sense,

but hard to comprehend for so-called modern man and woman.

Where is Wisdom the Spirit asks?

Where is the Wisdom you were all born with asks a Living Soul?

They changed the truth for lies and the creature became their truth,

and so they fell,

along with the fallen sons,

the visitors from above,

and so the mess of a once beautiful Earth.

My dreams and visions come in these latter days quicker by the day,

as if they wish humankind to be given a final chance,

a chance to hear all truth,

and a chat with the Spirit when He comes, 

and He will come,

revealing truths long-forgotten to a shocked and amazed world,

but that is His destiny.

Best Wishes:


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