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Dream Song

A Song/Poem

I walked a lane, not knowing where it went.

I dreamed a song that echoed in my heart,

About the things we feel when we’re apart…

Apart from those we know and love,

Apart from those we’re thinking of

Which, at some point, we have to stop and start.

It was a song that lingered in my mind,

Of which the words are always hard to find.

For words are mostly black and white,

And words don’t seem to get it right,

When I describe the song that dream divined.

In dreams, we often wander in a cloud

That swirls about us, making things obscure.

And what we hear is never loud,

And what we see is but a shroud…

In dreams are things of which we can’t be sure.

I walked a lane, not knowing where it went,

Not knowing if the walking had intent.

And then I heard that melody…

It rose like dust and followed me.

I dreamed a song and knew not what it meant.

r. nuñez, 11/2016

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Dream Song
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