Elizabeth Summers
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Dream or Nightmare

A Silhouette...

I fell asleep, though I don’t remember when

and I entered a dream

that wasn’t easily escapable.

I looked all around, 360 degrees

Couldn’t catch a glimpse,

But felt a presence.

A cold current clung close to my neck

I only remember running away

But running towards, simultaneously

Feet bare, swollen, sore

Crushing sticks, rocks, and what life resides


Gasping for another breath

Squirrels sprint and jump from tree to tree

As if guiding my path out of here

Off in the hazy distance

a dark figure,

An unrecognizable silhouette

a trail of footprints not my own,

I am not alone.

Weeping willows and oak trees

The wind’s cold and brash kisses

Causes the leaves to faint to a resting place.

The only way to go is left

Though I am frightened of an ambush,

I continue running

I trip over my cream lace dress.

Face fabricated in dirt, pebbles, leaves.

Semi-cathedral train is caught

In between the branches

That sleep on the expired surface

Won’t release me.

A sharp bell tolls near

chiming crescendos

I am still trapped, still struggling.

The presence moving closer.

Is this the end for me?

With all my might from exhausted limbs

I rip lace to free myself

Continue on, wipe debris off my bruised knees,

stumble to liberty

Waterfalls and birds

The only feeling of peace

I have known thus far

as they chirp in harmony

with the silky waves.

I dip my toes in the water

A comfortable temperature.

Overlooking the rocky cliff

studying nature’s imprints and wrinkles

only visible with Orion’s help,

Observing the rapids frantic cascade.

I contemplate every decision

I have ever made.

For a split moment

I close my eyes,

imagine my mother dancing with the waves

reaching out her hand

as if to ask me to join

I stick my left foot out

As if I might take this chance

to dance with the cascade.

The left meets with the right.

Times dissipates

I am unaware

the specter has met with me

I am trapped

The rapids become a resting place…

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Dream or Nightmare
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