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Dream Girl

A Poem

Photo: Maud Chalard

A figment of a fantasy uncurled

that plays out on your weekend nights. I know,

I am only a part of your dream world.

My image, fading in daylight, is twirled:

Still real! Still here! For a minute or so...

because I am a part of your dream world-

that is so vivid! Reality’s swirled

into a single room where you can go

to watch this weekly fantasy unfurl.

Wound tightly, like a weapon to be hurled,

you need a place that will soften the blow.

I can only offer you this dream world.

A place where our desires have all whirled,

where time is far too fast and so, so slow -

a figment of a fantasy unfurled.

When you leave this room--it’s like my heart’s hurled

with glass; where you wake I cannot follow.

I am only a part of your dream world,

a figment of your fantasy uncurled.

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Dream Girl
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