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Dream Angel

The Keeper

Picture done by "Sculp Lovers" on facebook

In a time, in a place; far from home and space, a beautiful angel observes, records and guides: To ward man from the abyss of lies. Many souls she leads to light; though the creatures of the dark gnash and fight. 

She walks in dreams, where the heart of man is; observing the desires of man manifest. Some dream of heaven above; yet some of hell below. Wherever they are she follows and observes their desires go high and go low. 

In dreams of man, she walks quietly; hoping her light is enough to set them free. Her kiss is as the salt of the sea, though she is beautiful; her Spirit within holds the True key. Take her hand when she arrives; her touch will make you feel alive. Fear not as you walk with her, for in your dreams, she is thy keeper. 

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Mindy Sleeper
Mindy Sleeper

I have been an creative writer since I was a teenager; majority short stories(fiction and non fiction), poetry, journal writing. I also like writing educational essays and case management assessments in Criminal Justice.

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Dream Angel
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