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Down Where It's Wetter

Life is better

Ocean calmness

On the side of the boat, I sit, 

Head full of expectation and hope. 

I look at my buddy, 

My buddy at me. 

We communicate readiness without words. 

Right hand instinctively goes to my face;

Left hand to my belt. 

Breathe in, roll backwards, 


And just like that, the weight of the world is gone. 

I'm being hugged by the ocean, 

Caressed by the salty sea,

Like a baby turtle, the blue accepts me. 

We're happy together, the ocean and I, 

And I never want to leave, 

Life truly is better, down where it's wetter!

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Ruth Gibson
Ruth Gibson

I am half of StRuth Adventures (Steve and Ruth). As a couple, we have been exploring the world together for nearly 2 decades. We have been to 30+ countries so far.

Follow our adventure using #struthadventures

Instagram - @struth_adventures

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Down Where It's Wetter
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