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Double Standards

Deeper Than the Surface

I love you

When I kiss you my world collides explosively with every color of the rainbow

When you stare into my eyes, I feel nothing, but you

My day is not complete unless I see or hear from you


I’m afraid to take this next step with you

I don’t think I can handle the double standard

We are so young, already seen as “young and dumb”

And even though we see each other as young and in love

What will society think if I choose to take this next step with you?

Society would give you a thumbs up, an “atta boy!”, a pat on the back

But they will still label me with the letter A even though we’re no longer in 1995

And never judging you for acting the same way

Do I love you enough to feel that that’s okay?...

I was young and dumb… because I should’ve realized I didn’t know you well enough to love you

Because I couldn’t say for sure that you’d support me through it

Just to find out that you wouldn’t… because here I am 1 year later with a fatherless child

I picked myself up and took care of our responsibility

Dropped out of high school, while you made the football team

I’m acquiring about food stamps, and you are acquiring about college

I had dreams to….

Now I’M the one being judged about OUR “mistake”

As if I was an asexual being—like I’m the only one who did this to myself

And if I chose not to keep her, I still would’ve been judged, still would be told “you shouldn’t have been messing around.”

Still scolded for being ‘fast’

While you make bank missing out on what matters

So I’m not complaining, I wouldn’t trade her for the world

Yes her; I have a precious little girl; Yes I because YOU lost your right to her the moment you chose to walk away

And I will teach her to stay away from guys like you

And society’s double standard

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Double Standards
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