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"You can't connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards" Steve Jobs

A procession of dots

black and white dots

memories tied in knots

words lost in my throat

pictures of the true love

the sweet arms I have lost

love with no shape anymore

love hiding so well

leaving no spots

invisible, invincible spell

It was years ago

I was in pain, 

like today

but I was sadly ashamed

to be me, and I escaped

from an invisible jail

to find my own way

to see the true colours

of that stupid fairytale

It is still hurting today

I know it all and I have no shell

I give all I have but

I want to pray instead

for you, hope that you

still miss me too, 

my touch, my smell, 

I hope I ring a bell, hope you knew,

I only needed to find the truth

But tomorrow will be the same

I know much more

but my soul will be sore

and I still think I deserve love

But I let you go to love myself

and you departed like a pawn

to make a woman of that girl

true, real but cut in two

and you are still a piece

of a painting to be glued