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Doorway Bums

A Poem

The city is a different place

After hours.

Free from the prying eyes of

Tourists and office workers,

The natives of the streets take over.

The bums sleep rough

Out of sight under the viaduct

And in the doorways

Of whatever shop is closed down.

If you thought your love life sucked,

Then don’t sweat it;

Seeing a homeless couple

Fucking in the doorway

Is no pretty sight.

Most just pass out,

Pipe in one hand, needle in big toe,

Bottle of Hennesy in the other.

One fine young bum

Had her cat with her,

And feeling sorry,

I went into the drug store

And bought the poor creature

A few cans of cat food.

I offered them to the ragged lady,

And she looked at me saying;

“She doesn’t like that kind!”

Altruism, isn’t it wonderful?

Another fine ragged lady

Even paid me a compliment

One night as I was drinking;

“I fucking hate you,

You’re ugly,

And your nose looks

Like a dick!”

Some of the bums are faking it

For your money,

Don’t waste it. 

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Doorway Bums
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