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Don’t Worry

A Poem

I’d crawl into your arms with ease.

You’d tell me a bedtime story until i’d fall asleep.

You told me not to worry because you’d take care of everything.

So I didn’t.

I stayed at home with you because you were unable to work.

I was too young for school and I liked being home with you.

We were in poverty due to your unemployment.

You told me not to worry.

So I didn’t.

I was the new student in kindergarten, when everyone else was already seven months in.

So fun, so cool.

Fast forward ten years,

And I hated school.

But you said don’t worry. 

So I didn’t.

Going into junior year of high school.

The stress of it.

Bookbag's a mess, 

because all the schoolwork.

Going to college in a couple of years.

The fear of leaving.

The fear of failing.

The fear of loneliness.

Once again, you tell me not to worry.

But I do.

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Don’t Worry
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