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Do Not Dim Your Light

Your Light or His

You allowed him in, but the way in which you did, you gave him all the power to your happiness.

You entrusted the most precious thing you own with a person you were unsure you could rely on.

He was your light and in your eyes he shone so bright.

However, in reality the light that he chose to shine on you was rather dim.

You unintentionally dimmed your own light to make yourselves equal,

used the fuel that was meant for your light to further ignite his flame.

Yet you did not see the sacrifices you made.

Most importantly you did not see the way in which he overshadowed your light

You looked past all the flaws you saw in him (and there were many).

Continued to make him the centre of your happiness

which led to you continually allowing him to diminish your flame.

As time goes by you are surrounded by darkness.

You depended on his flame to shed light upon your path,

but his disappearance from your life has left you in a murky and somber state.

Unable to see the future ahead of you.

Do not let him dim your light.

Do not dim your own light to make fleeting lust permanent. 

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Do Not Dim Your Light
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