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Do It or Not, I Don't!

Just think about it.

While you ponder on my thoughts as I jot the words that not one soul has ever heard before 

Can you tell I'm smiling from the feelings I've exchanged between my heartbeat and my deranged brain 

As it races faster than a fully loaded freight train that's bolting from one location to the next I could never forget those feelings 

The feelings that are flowing without even knowing what power they can evoke in the hearts and minds of people who are suffocated by what is

What's wrong what's right who can contradict your thoughts on having a feeling of love or disappointment regret or happiness after all it's free speech

Or is it bias to have our own feelings and thoughts what people project on one another it's the view instilled into us by our parents our friends and other family 

In the end the only thing that matters is  not how they see you or what they think no one really cares how you really feel

what matters is what you actually think or you may conform to the stupid stereotypes and become a zombie like they want you to become 

Isn't it easy 

Can you tell if it's true or a lie for reasons of perpetual proof of delegated  sovereignty unwarranted judgement of your soul or who you think you are 

In the end who cares none of it matters it's all a bunch of malarky spread around to manipulate and intimidate population and today's generation 

How about forget all this defragmentation of implanted misinformation that compiles all the files that make up the fragments in this sadistic unchained union we call society 

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Do It or Not, I Don't!
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