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A Poem

Divided we stand fighting over flags and racial tags. In today's America it's always a one sided debate that invokes hate. The southern flag is treated like a swastika carried by a Nazi when it's a sign of ancestry.

Our very own stars and stripes are being turned into anarchy. The freedom of speech is under attack, people are yelling impeach at the President. All while forgetting it's we the people who hold the power, they rather protest or act like fools in a state of cower. What happen to United we stand, or the actions of a free land? Why is our Constitution being disband? When it's the racist scum who should be banned. Are we not all equals as humans not animals? I am no better than you or person with skin the color of blue. I pray Martin Luther King Jr. is not looking down in disgust as we have lost our way. 

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