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Anything you say will be, and can be, held against you.

Anything you say will be, and can be, held against you.

So be sure not to slip up on general mistrust for them.

Didn’t you see what happened last time.

All the lies, the delusions, and mislead.

What naivate will you allow to still have faith in them.

Carry on as the pessimist you have become.

Safe from the pitfalls of trust and faith.

The mind games, the downright lies, the hope that things will change.

Oh yes! They change but not how your brain projects them to be.

Love is lost and hate is born.

Scapegoat, your just a scapegoat.

Your once hopeful eyes, so full of light.

Caught between a rock and a hard rock of lies.

Safe! It is now in the shell that is around you.

Don’t let that seed of delusional hope ever grow again.

Haven’t you learned your lesson yet. 

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