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Diamond Cage

I Freed Myself

Trigger warning

I may have broken your heart the night I left, but did you know it took you years to break my body?

Every time you sunk your




into me against my will, my pulsating flesh started to resent you.

When the blood streamed down my legs and I screamed for your help. 

You. Never. Came. 

You said it was gross, it wasn’t your fault you tore me. 

But it was. 

 With every 

“I love you” 

there was a, 


Wanting  the woman I had forged from I 




(that I needed so desperately) 

to become your object. 

A plaything you called me. 

Too crazy to think for myself, you said. 

But was it you who feared that if I thought, I might make the decision to leave?

You shut down my mind to open my legs. 






I gave back your ring because I am stronger than the diamond cage you tried to lock me in.

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Diamond Cage
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