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Destination: Unknown

Take me back where I don't belong. #VocalNPM

Ozzie, a Lifetime Ago

Sitting by this rain stained window,

a screen to what was and what is.

A vision of what could ever be…

I can see you in reverse:

a time-lapse reminiscence

goes back till the night we’ve met.

Fast-forward fifty-seven days,

I’m standing right there, waiting

for my soul to be fed, again.

Wonder wandering in the world,

endlessly searching for that place

where I know I don’t belong.

Was I going too fast,

burning bridges through the smoke?

You were just too cumbersome

once the die was cast.

Ramble on, I sing to myself

drumming fingers on my last paycheck.

Waiving at you from that highway billboard,

as I grip the bars of a prison cell.

Through grief, and pain, a spark of joy

appears, but comes in waves.

I’ve choked tears and eaten feelings

but no one can sedate.

I rest my case, but that’s in vain,

when nothing more makes sense.

Blood in my veins gets dense.

I blink, my eyes roll and here I am

back to where I froze while swinging back

and forth through time and space:

sound meets silence in a love embrace;

I could smell your spell a million years away.

So I’ll close the door behind me,

all packed up -and free, I’ll hit the road.

California, love, wait for my return.

As for now, my destination remains unknown.

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Destination: Unknown
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