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Depression Is

Blood in the Water

Depression is

Depression is a swimming pool.

Some days it's like dipping a toe in,

Others it's drowning.

On a great day you may just be lounging on the side

feet dangling and splashing in the water.

While the sun beats down on the rest of your body.

These are the days we live for,

maybe the meds are working

we laugh we smile, we splash

There's not a fantasy of the shark lurking in the deep end

On a good day it's like the shallow end.

If you stand on your own two feet

It may only go up to your waist

but there's those moments of the dipping down to your neck

This wading in the waters

is dangerous one false move and you go under

but the good of it is splashing and laughing

There may just be a nip of the shark

lurking beneath the surface

On a bad day its the deep end

your toes scrape the ground the further you go

Slowly losing your footing

As the water laps at your face,

Threatening to fill your mouth and nose

These are the days the shark starts to circle.

You cant feel that dread that terror.

Please don't let there be blood in the water

On a Worst day you're drowning

You chest burns and tightens

You cant hold your breath anymore.

You struggle and kick, and even doggy paddle

But you never reach the surface

There's blood in the water today

The shark has sunk its teeth in.

Can anyone see you struggle?

Do they see the blood in the water?

The surface isn't visible

Its distorted and tainted

with your own blood.

Depression is the water

Self destructiveness the shark

One giving life to the other

Neither avoidable

you ask yourself

How does a shark survive in a pool

Wouldn't the chemicals suffocate it?

Logic doesn't matter,

the water still gives life to the shark

The shark makes you sink faster

into the darkest depths of the pool

Everyday when you see the pristine water

you beg

please don't let there be blood in the water. 

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kei hanson
kei hanson

Im keilie (key-lee) but you can call me Kei. I am an anxiety and depression riddled 30 year old, who is all about that body posi vibe, writer, crafter, and all around awesome nerd. 

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Depression Is
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