Makayla peckham
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I know what you are.

Depression, we have been friends for quite some time and I know your secret, You like to sneak into my room at night while everyone else is asleep. You creep into my dreams and try to make me scream. Oh depression, you are like a venomous snake, not only affecting me when I'm asleep, but also when I am awake. Now This this might sound insane, but I think you like to pump venom straight into my veins. Your weapon is lethal, but you would never use it to its full potential. You would never use enough venom to kill, you inject just enough to paralyze me for days. You like to watch me stumble in a haze. I understand you don't want to kill me because where oh where is the fun in that. You just want to sit back and  watch me contemplate. You shadow me and make sure I don't ask for help. You like to see me suffering. Cut me open and watch me bleed. I won't beg for mercy. All I want is peace. So just for once please leave.

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