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She saw the darkness creeping closer.

Photo taken and painted by: Tiffany Wonderland

She saw the darkness creeping closer,

she opened her mouth to scream but nothing came out.

This wasn't the first time it came for her,

it didn't want to kill her.

What it wanted was far worse.

She would live but what would she live for?

To wait for it to come back?

How long could she take being possessed

by this darkness that wasn't her?

Living each day a slave

to an unbearable sadness

while passing strangers,

glistening a radiant light

that she'd never be able to embrace herself.

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Tiffany Wonderland
Tiffany Wonderland

Sometimes dark emotions take us to beautiful places, I'm still exploring this inner wonderland. Although at times it feels like I'm just falling down the rabbit hole eager and fearful for what awaits my landing. 

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