There's something beautiful,

About the way you neglect me.

You make me important.

An asset, so to speak.

You love me,

But then you stop.

You hate me.

I become useless,



And just when it's really beating me,

You love me again.

Make it so I can't leave.

You're irreplaceable,

But I am disposable. 

Making that clear gives you control.

You own me,

Not figuratively anymore,


You made me your slave,

So you had no choice,

But to keep me around.

I know I shouldn't,

But I really love you,

No matter how much you treat me like shit,

I will always be here.

Please keep me around,

I need you in this life.

I want you.

I crave you.

Of all the reasons you've let me down,

Please don't make leaving me one of them.

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