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Delusions of Grandeur

I whisper her name into the callous night.

I whisper her name into the callous night

With endless thoughts and delusions of grandeur

When a smile is created upon her face

Of my own accord

I cherish the memory

An act so virtuous and of rarity not bolstered by many

The shadows overtake the moments in between her dalliance

Beauty freckled with an atramentous permanence

She knew of my intentions

But was unattended to her own curiosity

Ending years of patchwork reveries

To entrench within the arms of demarcation and somber

My reflection breaks with every step she takes across the rainy dystopia of her imaginings

Further away from me she wanes

And I can only waver in fragmented solidarity

That soon this shall be decided

Colder it gets the further she glides into the ether

The funeral pyre I ignite is extinguished by long warming sighs

I look up to view the source of solace winds

My ghostly portrait embedded within her pupils stokes the winds that depose my requiem

Across this darkened oblivion

I’ll wait for her forever

Copyright © 2019 Atra Mors Publishing. All Rights Reserved

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Delusions of Grandeur
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