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Delusional Dating

One Night Stand

Bathbomb in the shape of face profile and heart above.

Why am I stressing?

You're always messing. 

My thoughts are sporadic and I'm empathetic and frantic. 

Pain and pleasure are one and the same and

then we put the blame on those to shame.

I'm sitting here addressing the situation at hand but the complexity is progressing, like,

is this really a "one night stand?" 

Please kill your ego before it fucks up your game. 

Erotic asphyxiation in the bedroom, lets play,


We both know it's best I stay away until you find the words to say, possibly one day. 

You're somewhat delusional but I want to be real.


I'm sad and a little eccentric.

I love hard, honest, and slightly aggressive. 

Humble, modest, meek, but let's not stress this. 

Anything is better than being pretentious

but it's too late because

I already ended this.

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Delusional Dating
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