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Or Backspace

For there is nothing that can take the fear away 

Theres nothing that can be submissively incorrect 

You have to be a curious person to see the light 

To find the light 

And a strong enough to hold onto it 

But in the end

You have the light

Or you've lost it 

You're taken by death 

There's nothing sadder

Than being lost 

And never being found 

Sometimes i wonder

If I'm found

Or I'm still wondering around 

Trying to find my light 

But then i remember what you told me 

So long ago 

To always remember who i am 

And that nothing is impossible to be done 

We simply can't see to do the things that aren't there 


i thought this for so long 

The more you think 

The more your mind gets trapped 

The more your mind starts to wonder off 

The only thing you can do is watch 

And it kills you 

As you watch death 

Take away the ones you love dearly 

Leaving only you to remain 

Not understanding why death choose you 

But in the end there's always something that is waiting for you 

Something good 

Something bad 

We try not to think about it to much 

But then we do and we get caught up in it  

There's something about people that i don't understand 

And i am one 

Or am i 

Are we really here

Or just in our own little world

Things happing at our fault 

Not understanding why they happen 

Sometimes you just want to hit 


Vaeh Unicorn
Vaeh Unicorn

AHHHHH OK So I am a GEMINI!!!!!!! You never know what your gonna get out of me so I like poetry and everytime I try to write a real story though I give up on like the 5 or 6 chapter so but anyways this is so fun love you guys!!!!!!!! Thanks 

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