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Deja Vu

Of You

Where a Piece of My Heart Will Live Forever 

Old roads I want to retake 

even though I know it's a mistake 

not confirming with what I have

or a fear of regret 

missed opportunity

you never know where it might have led

broken pieces 

I should have the memory left 

familiar voices 

calling for storm or new ways

rainy days not gone yet 

trust is concept unknown 

as it's all gone 

having all you need 

but craving for more 

craving for wants 

"shouldn't" already done 

mind full of dumb 

begging myself not to play with fire 

but too late again

overwhelming feelings 

bullets passing by my head 

"I told you it's a mistake"

don't blow into a blaze

I shouldn't have you let 

driving fast again 

into you 

into me 

into surreality 

parachutes are open 

but broken 

you have left me to fall apart 

but I knew it from the start 


I am posting one of my favourite poems as my first post hoping to inspire you. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

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Eve Nova
Eve Nova

Full-time dreamer with multiple personalities+sharing thoughts with the piece of paper and capturing moments. Absolute adventurer and adrenaline junkie always ready to explore the world. Socially awkward loving to hide from human creatures.

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Deja Vu
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