Déjà Vu

Reminds me of a place where I stand.

Walking down the path in a mysterious jungle

Smell the air on the wet ground, hiding behind the green trees

I heard you say the same sentence as finding my way home

Where am I stuck in an empty space, touching the darkness without tears

Sounds of nature keeps calling from a distance

Drawing the silent mind of my soul in the crowd to dance

Breathing in every dream to see the same light completely

Where am I, who keeps calling memory brightly

The furthest point of beauty has ever been described

A million beautiful poems have ever been dreamed of

The stage of the most luxurious life has ever been played

Darkness of the deepest chasm has also been touched

The mountain whispered to me 

Calling me to the highest land

The forest shadow smiled at me 

Bringing my soul to a mysterious land

The falling leaves sweeps over my face, back to the no-man's island 

Reminds me of a place where I stand

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Déjà Vu
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