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Is that all you have to say? I hear people talking about this, that, and the third!

Reciting meaningless words reserved as something of worth.

Absurd, but yet trendy so I guess why not follow?

Conformative origins, foraging for depth and left hollow.

Removed the goggles of misinformation; affiliation, with how I'm supposed to be relating to the fakeness I'm supposed to acknowledge.

Perpetrating, further perpetuating indoctrination; enslavement of one's conscience.

Break free from the bondage.

No longer held hostage opted to drop knowledge as a constant.

Predicted to be misinterpreted, as prophetic as nostradamus.

Yeah I came from the dirt but I ain't earthworm Jim.

Loose lips sink ships and listen Jack I ain't Iceberg Slim.

That was metaphoric; endorse it ,embrace it or ignore it.

I have no time for things that lack soul; the walking dead, a society of corpses.

Leaking life from my organs; bathe in it and absorb it.

Morphing the fabric of reality, every dimension contorted.

Sorting through learned lessons and blessings, left with the essence of a higher power.

Embracing the times that's timeless in these final hours.

Word to the wise, wise words fall on deaf ears unless you open your mind.

If you hunger for real there's some food for thought, take your time, grab a plate and devour.

Benjamin Small
Benjamin Small

I fell in love with writing. At first, it all started with my love for music. It went from writing lyrics to so much more. As if I'm leaking my soul into every word, phrase and syllable. My goal is to share my passion with the world.

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