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A Poem

I am walking through this endless road

And I am walking with my heart full of hope,

Although it is a long journey

The destination remains unknown,

I am a victim of my own actions

I euthanized my own dreams and aspirations

My heart’s full of regret

My head’s full of things that could’ve been done

And I still move on

This road to recovery, is a labyrinth of mystery

I learn as I walk and fall

These bruises, someday, will heal

These bruises make me feel

Sometimes it’s the never ending emptiness

Which bleeds my heart out

And sometimes a sudden rush of happiness bursts out

Where everything is brighter than a sunny day,

And as I lay down and the smoke rises up

Thinking to myself that everyday is a new day

Every choice I make will lead me to a new way

But today, I can only…..

contemplate, contemplate, contemplate.

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