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Death Came Quietly

Love in Death

Don't cry for me, my dear.

No longer do I suffer. No longer do I fear.

I slipped into eternal sleep,

beckoned by Her into the deep.

A slumber so peaceful, no dream could compete.

My love, you see, She came quietly.

Like a tickling tease, She caressed my lost soul.

She filled me with an ease I needed long ago.

Softly, so softly, my sweet-

She whispered in my ear,

All the lovely, so lovely, my pet-

Things the living long to hear.

And Death came quietly for me.

Fret not my love for my infinite slumber.

Time, is Earthly, a fraction of a number.

For in my ear She foretold, your time on Earth isn't much longer.

 You are strong my love, but Her pull is stronger.

My only wish is you have the same fate as I. 

That in your final moment, you'll peacefully lie.

You'll join me in an eternal peaceful sleep-

Side by side in the deep.

Death doth come quietly.

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Death Came Quietly
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