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Death by Control

Poetry About Unhealthy Relationships

Poetry about unhealthy relationships

I cannot live

I cannot die

Nothing to give

You don’t even try

You take me in

You push me out

You make me spin

You end my route

It’s the way we live our lives

Your lips on mine

Your words unkind

My love is real

What is my deal

Why can't I see

In front of me

My love is blind

I trip and fall

Fall far behind

A wall so tall

I cannot climb

I sink down low into this hole

Depression lies within my soul

My heart so torn but beats for you

I miss the warn and stay so true

To a liar who makes me feel

Like an emotional wreck

Angry and happy and sad is real

Doubt myself and lose my treck

My path is gone

Your intentions wrong

You hold me close

To hurt me most

Circles and circles again

I’m losing all of my friends

One by one you take them away

Telling me lies to make me play

Your scary mind games

Are all I ever know

My rage is in flames

I act so low

Myself I cannot recognise

You get me to try and try

Yet you do nothing

The ropes tightening

And you watch me struggle

My body weakening

You let me fumble

Suicidal maniac

You laugh at me

And I don’t fight back

You don’t let me be

You watch as I’m killing myself

And I slowly slowly die

My memory fades on the shelf

Of the controlling guy

You really killed me

You're to blame

I died as your thing

A Helpless dame

Never forget

What you harmfully did

Because regret

Might change the way you live


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Death by Control
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