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Dear Society

A Letter to Society

Dear society,
Hi, It's me...
That little girl you told
not to wear baggie tees and shorts too short 
because it's not "ladylike".
The girl who wanted to be a unicorn princess 
and live in a castle made of 
gummy bears and gumdrops.
I am also the girl that wanted to be an astronaut
and fly to unknown planets to discover 
something better than this place we call earth. 
The girl that wanted to be a cop 
to fight crime and protect the ones I love.
I am the girl that cried herself to sleep every night just because you did not accept the way I viewed life and how I live it.
The girl that has so much love in her heart for all things that are
but doesn't get it in return.
I just wanted to say that I don't care about what you say anymore.
I don't care how you view me and how you think I should live my life.
because I am that Princess in that castle of sugar.
I am that astronaut that lives in the stars.
I am that cop that protects my loved ones.
and you will no longer tell me I can't do what I believe is right.

because you no longer have control over me like you once did years ago.

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Dear Society
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