Dear Raven

A Poem

My dearest Raven,

It's been nearly six years.

Tell me how have you been?

Are you still trapped by the same fears?

Does your conscious still eat you up,

Until there's nothing left at all?

Do you still drown yourself in each cup,

When there isn’t anyone left to call?

Tell me how do you sleep at night

With all that pain inside your soul?

Tell me how can you feel alright

While playing every imaginable role?

How do you see the world

Filled with people you can't stand?

Countries straightened and curled,

Filled with undesired land?

Tell me what do you think about?

At 2 AM when you're alone

Do you ever wish you could get out?

Of the endless halls you roam?

Do you still water your rose each day?

Does it still die each night?

Do you still believe it will find a way?

As it crumbles without any sunlight

Tell me why can’t you accept love?

And why can’t you give it?

Tell me when push comes to shove,

Would you care at least one bit?

Please think your life over a while,

All the years you can’t defend.

As I add this to the pile,

Of the letters I’ll never send.

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Dear Raven
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