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Dear Pluto

Walking around with a God complex has to leave you with a heavy soul.

you follow a pattern

you prep us

version after version, we're all the same clone

you're never alone

but we fear it

behind those brown eyes are secrets

hidden deep in the void beyond the next universe

you'll never give it up even if you had a gun to your head

you deserve a gun to your head

behind those hands are necks deep in your affection

not undivided

behind those lips are lies

you didn't do it on a whim

first impressions are almost always false

you didn't know they were a sociopath until they became your world

and split you in half in the middle of the night

the stages of grief set in early

mourning who you once were





there is no acceptance

"you adapt to the love you think you deserve"

you weren't worth the chaos

You sucked us in like a vortex but there is no other side

so we're being damned for an eternity

and you walk among the free. 

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Dear Pluto
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