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Dear Heartbreak

A Poem for an Old Friend

Art: Banksy 

Dear K,

Intoxicated were we, but intoxicating was your kiss,

the night we first expressed ourselves to each other.

Wrapped in your sweet embrace,

unaware of future regret.

I remember the way your lips felt against mine,

as we admitted our feelings to each other.

There was never a need for words

when we expressed ourselves the way we did.

Innocent it seemed,

careless it was.

I broke my own heart in order to fix yours,

and for so long I thought we could be more than what we were.

Hope was the only door you offered to hold open for me.

So when the light called "us" dimmed,

it went from brighter than the sun,

to darker than the night.

The ghost of you haunts me constantly,

with little reminders of you everywhere I go.

It follows me when I least expect it to

but it always does me such harm.

You were the ocean, and I was the shore.

You crashed over me,

and it didn't hurt for me to absorb you,

but it hurt for you to take pieces away from me.

I don't think I will ever be whole again,

but I know you are emptier now than you were before.

because the tears you showed me,

they told me you loved me just as much as I loved you. 

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Dear Heartbreak
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