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Dear Brother

Don’t be afraid to embrace Adulthood.

From my book: Flowing From my heart (Poetry from my Childhood and Adulthood)

You need to stop throwing your life away. Get out of bed, take a shower, get dressed, print out a resume and go job hunting on today.

Aren’t you tiered of depending on mom to carry you? You always argue, I’m grown but yet you behave as teenage boys do.

There’s more to life than women, partying, chilling with your immature friends. Get a backbone, don’t be afraid to transform from boy to man.

I want you to know mom and I love you, but we want you to take off your blind fold, so you can see, what we see in you.

I know life hasn’t been the same since dad passed away, but you can’t allow pain to keep you locked away.

Just imagine, you can be a Doctor, Lawyer, or maybe an Entrepreneur. Success wants to greet you, but you have to make your way out the door.

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Dear Brother
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