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Deafening Whispers

It's Mental Health Month

The health inside of your head they say

Maybe we should give it a special day

Just a day? Not a week? Or even longer

It would get the message over stronger

The ethereal things you can’t figure out

Those niggling things that cause doubt

It happens to everyone, but some hide

Armoured in embarrassment and pride

The mental whispers, struggles abound

Just keep them quiet, make no sound

Revelation's a strength, said to your face

Whilst ridiculing your falling at life’s pace

Speak up, you must unburden yourself

This sort of issue can’t be left on a shelf

Might say you’re crazy, and to be feared

Like a contagion, because they’re scared

The talking is for you and has to be done

It’s the way mental battles can be won

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Deafening Whispers
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