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I Can't Hear You—5/15/17

you scream but all I hear is a whisper

They create a silence away from the noisy world. Isolating the disruptive noises and sounds that affect you in one way or another.

They're used as an escape…an escape from reality.

They take you to new places, making you feel like a refined person.

The downside to this escape is that it doesn't always help you,

It could also make things worse, or make you want to cry.

Sometimes it’s meant to fill an empty void that is on your body.

To help you blend in and be like everyone else.

To help you avoid unwanted conversations, people, or even your problems.

They can make you feel invisible to the world.

you now have the choice to be and to live in another world,

A world that takes you to that happy place that is nonexistent to the world around you.

Others have it as a second layer of skin, never wanting to take it off

They could use it as a Shield,

A Shield from the World and the people around them,

A Shield that they can hide behind and be left unnoticed, wishing to be invisible.

One that shields you from the cruel World that often forgets that words can be hurtful,

They usually wander this world like zombies,

Slow, mindless, clueless zombies.

I use it to bring creativity into the mind.

Creating with the sounds of my mind… the mind that takes me to unforeseen places… places the eye can’t see but only hear.

Of course there are multiple uses of these little robots that have engraved themselves in our world,

But why should they have control over humans?

We cease to be the same,

No longer connected like we once were.

They may say that because of these little robots things are more efficient for communicating without hands,

That we are more connected than ever before, but I think differently.

you become the controller, controlling the sounds that you want to hear

Controlling moments that you want to partake in,

you are in control of the Emotions, Anxieties, and Depressions,

Having the ability to go to the happy place you create every time you want to become invisible, to blend in, or to create new things.

We no longer take in nature's diverse noises

We no longer stop to hear the natural beauty of our dying world.

There is only the deafening roar coming through the robot's mouth that’s connected to their assigned human.

The one who thought was in control is now being controlled unwillingly,

Not noticing how dependent they are on the robots that help them escape the sounds and voices around them.

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