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The Duality Within

Day Dreamer:

There’s a place I want you to take

There’s this magical allure that keeps me wide awake

Where my thoughts keep flowing and floating

Whilst another arriving thought arrives relishing and gloating

There’s this invisible realm that surrounds me

Don’t know for sure whether it’s the silence around me

Delighted profound to be a soul on its destiny

You might as well ask me “where is this world yours to be?"

Invited Guest on a Quest:

Dear, Daydreamer “Your world be better shimmer rather than dimmer”

Your subtle request for me to be on your quest makes me wonder

No wonder that you are the self-proclaimed wanderer Alice

And your head is your mighty wonderland

Be it true and be it for sure for which I could go out and explore

I hope there’s this road that comes out of nowhere and leads to everywhere

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Nabin Yonghang Limbu
Nabin Yonghang Limbu

A reader, listener and an amateur writer. I have been writing Unshared short stories and poems for years now. I recently realized that writing has always been the most expressive form for me.  "Better late than Never".

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