Jessica Teran
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Daughter of Addiction

A Poem

Photo: JTP

It took twenty five years

Twenty five years 

Holding back


And pain

And guilt

And sorrow

And I’m sorry

Because I couldn’t save you.

I can’t save you

That’s something only you can do

They tell me, “Walk away”

Walk away because the worry wilts 

A soul who’s pressed to find another way.

It is not my mouth consuming 


Day after day


Somehow your addiction becomes 

My affliction

My condition

My foundation built on empty

Promises never kept 

Empty words warped by time

Drunken nights 

finding you and your

Precious bottle 

No child should see their mother cry

In a pool of vomit and regret.

You blacked out

I won’t forget

“Walk away” 

They say but I can’t 

Stand by and wait for the 


There has to be another way.

Trapped by this affliction

A daughter of addiction.

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Daughter of Addiction
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