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For the Love of Winter

Photo by Daria Rudyk on Unsplash

Long dasher days, with the winter in my hair

Slasher days, huddled in cocoon fleece 

And aching in the blue chill

The house yawns with kerosene 

Sighing our love, enter the ice grey whistle 

At our Barricaded door

That December brings, edging along the New Year

And the January month of a lonesome hush

And money down the drain

Then February's twinge of hearts, aloof, 

Breaking or soon to be broken

Followed by March, its frozen lakes, 

Its roof leaks,  phantoms hung to dry 

In the invisible sun, 

What vampires we've become!

Us two, we laugh anyway

We have no friends, not really

Not for the lack of want, but for the state of our truth

We bleed it, drink it, breathe it...

And the two of us swoon at our mutual disgust 

For the Earths minor beings

Before turning in with the snow 

That smothers our driveway

And the white wolf pup, with her hearth eye 

Crying in our hive

Tis' true, what they say...

Misery loves company...

In our case...

We wouldn't have it any other way. 

-A. Lello

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A. Lello
A. Lello

Retired flapper, writer, student, MILSO, and fur mama. A champion of the truth, the underdog and executioner of the deceitful.  

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