Saves Me

Photo by Tersius van Rhyn on Unsplash

Darkness breaks

Sharp gleaming teeth

Smiling at me

Tendrils sneak towards me

Wrapping me in its heat

Keeping me safe

Darkness continues to smile

Even though light is breaking through

It protects

Darkness covers me

Smiles one last time

Holds on tight, whispers quickly

“I’m always here”

Then disappears...

Light trickles in

Annoying and fake

Plastered smile

Cold and calculating

Blinding, can’t see

Coming for me

Darkness has fallen

Defeated and broken on the ground

Light is taking over

What is real

Light screams

Everything is here you don’t need him

Nothing is real

Darkness slowly rises

Light can’t exist

Without my darkness...

Now come to save me

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