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The Horror Gripping Me in the Midst of Depression

This is something I wrote, trying to explain the horror that was gripping me in the midst of my depression

It's like walking alone through a cold, dark tunnel, trying to find a way out.

I keep walking, sometimes running

trying to escape the noise

the screams

the cries

the banging

the heart-wrenching racket

Sometimes it's music, a song of sadness, or a soul-captivating bass guitar.

The lyrics are sometimes easy to understand

yet other times, it's just a screaming voice

Along the way, I sometimes find the sun shining through a window.

I run towards it only to find that it was merely a painting


There's a strobe light at the end of the tunnel

Only flashes of light

Ultimately darkness.

I'm wandering around, sometimes frantically


Searching for life

Searching for a way out

Searching for something real

Sometimes I find a small corner and curl up like a child.


Hoping someone will find me

but no one is searching for me

it's as if I don't exist

I don't belong on the outside of the tunnel, where the rest of the world lives.

I'm stuck here

No way out

This is My World

This is My Death

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