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Dark Monday

Remembering You


Life without you has been so lonely

Although I have moved on, and married another 

It is you who has my heart

Memories of you and I have become just that 

I struggle to hear your voice, that sexy laughter

I smile, you smiled, we sure smiled 

I remember your touch  the way you held me tight against your nakedness 

Your warm body, my warm body, lying there touching each other

When you left me that day did you know that you would never be back

I stood alone looking out the window never knowing what was about to come

How could another person decide our fate that day  

Where you were left alone to bleed out while help was on its way 

I hurt all these years later, as if it were only yesterday  

The chilling screams that came out of me when you left me with a life long pain.

I will always love you 


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Dark Monday
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