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Dark Abyss

March 6th, 2018

Once more darkness comes,

Blowing out the flame that lights my way,

Do I have a match left,

Do I even have the strength to strike that match?

Darkness didn’t just find me,

It found another as well,

Luckily it didn’t take her out,

But do I have the strength to strike her match too,

She’s almost lost...

First, I must strike my match and fight my own darkness,

Let her build off that strength,

I’m no good fading away in the black abyss.

But I must find that strength to strike my match in the first place,

Will I,

Or do I lose myself in the pitch black?

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Noah Renee
Noah Renee

I'm Noah and I am a poet. I write from life experiences so it's not the happiest but it is relatable to people. I just write to write, so it's my best. I get what I get.

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Dark Abyss
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