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Dare vs. Truth

A Challenge


Engineering become materialism,

Lawyers become liars,

Doctors become shockers,

Robots become disasters,

Actors become factors,

Teachers become cheaters,

Marketing becomes mockery,

Truth becomes lie,

Life becomes death,

Hope becomes sorrow,

Joy becomes toy,

Talent becomes fear,

Anger becomes missile,

Fear becomes terror,

Songs become thorns,

Principles become dismissals,

Hire becomes fire,

Comedy becomes tragedy,

Teamwork becomes order,

Integrity becomes division,

Politeness becomes rudeness,

Humanity becomes humiliation,

Success becomes failure,

Greatness becomes weakness,

Unity becomes discord,

Peace becomes fees,

Comedy becomes horror,

Politics becomes foolishness,

Appointments become disappointments,

Yucky becomes yummy,

When greed conquers need.

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Dare vs. Truth
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